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It is now 8 weeks later and a visit with Dr. Agesen yesterday has put me on a path to a full recovery. I feel I have 85% recovery and hopefully with another month of stem cell growth, I will be even better. Going up and down stairs is no longer a problem… I am so happy that I did not go down the surgery path, avoiding months of recuperation and possible complications.  ~ Diane B.


I had Lipogems procedure done 9 months ago on my left knee, 3 meniscus tears, bone on bone arthritis, 3 bakers cysts. I am fully healed, meniscus tissue regenerated, bakers cysts dissipated, and smooth surface on formally arthritic joint… My life is so much better, NO pain climbing 2 flights of stairs to enter my home, RESUMED walking on the beach. Thank you Dr. MALANGA. ~ Denise L.


My quality of life was hugely improved this year by new medical experiences, starting with your (Dr. Bowen) PRP shots on January 6th, then you sending me to Dimitry Polyakov for his expertise in NKT, plus the art-and-science custom orthotics handmade by Michael Pezzotta in Denville… Since you last saw me, I played tennis 3x/week May through October, added pickleball weekly starting in September, biked almost every weekend, & I’ve also started substituting on an indoor tennis team. ~ Catherine R.


Finally relief! I was suffering from inflammation of my pelvic bones for 10 months (including 5 doctors and various screening tests) when I finally made my way to Dr. Malanga’s care. He examined me, and prescribed anti-inflammatory supplements and physical therapy. After a month of following his treatment plan, I am essentially pain free! ~ Joan M.