Oxygen / Ozone Therapy

Autohemotherapy is a treatment that involves drawing the patient’s blood and re-administering it back into the patient via muscle or vein depending on it being Minor or Major. Ozone Autohemotherapy (Minor and Major) has powerful healing capabilities as well as anti-inflammatory effects within the body. It also increases energy, circulation, eases pain in certain injuries, and overall boosts the immune system which helps in a patient’s overall health.

Traditional use and the most common administration of systemic (whole body) ozone consists of taking a small amount of the patient’s blood (about 60-80mL) and placing it into a bag or bottle with an anti-coagulate (heparin or ACD-A). The ozone/oxygen mixture was then added to the container with the blood followed by re-infusion. This is called major autohemotherapy and is performed daily for a target of 20 sessions to treat various issues. With hyperbaric ozone/oxygen treatment, major autohemotherapy has been modified to deliver more ozone/oxygen in one setting and avoid multiple visits/treatments.

Our physician, Jay E. Bowen DO, is an East Coast expert on Ozone, who has trained in Germany and was personally trained by Robert Rowen, MD in Oxidation Therapy and recently was awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. In order for Dr. Bowen to make hyperbaric ozone/oxygen treatment available to his patients, he has had the required specialized training on procedures and equipment, the OZON 2000 by Zotzmann + Stahl GmbH + Co.KG, to minimize the risks and deliver an optimal treatment. He provides Hyperbaric Ozone/Oxygen Minor and Major Autohemotherapy as well as Prolozone® to patients who are suffering from acute/chronic orthopedic conditions at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

Hi Dose Ozone/UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation)

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is when the blood taken from the patient’s body is exposed to UV light in order to kill bad bugs (ie pathogens) as well as boost the immune system’s response. When UBI is added to Hi Dose Ozone, it is more effective in creating a safe vaccination-like response that directs your immune system to fight specific bacteria or viruses in your body. As always, the amount of UV light is tailored to each patient’s body/needs and is usually combined with Major Autohemotherapy.

Minor Autohemotherapy

Minor Autohemotherapy is a quick procedure where a small amount of blood is taken from the patient’s vein, mixed with ozone in a syringe and injected into the gluteal muscles. Minor Autohemotherapy is usually administered to the patient 1-3 times per week depending upon the patient’s condition.

Major Autohemotherapy

With Hyperbaric Ozone/Oxygen treatments, Major Autohemotherapy has been modified to give the patient optimal treatment. An IV is placed in a patient and with the use of a specialized machine, OZON 2000 by Zotzmann + Stahl GmbH + Co.KG, about 200mL of a patient’s blood is withdrawn with the addition of heparin to prevent blood clotting. 200mL of an ozone/oxygen mixture is administered to the blood under pressure and mixed to return to the patient, which is followed by 200mL of 100% oxygen to finish assisting most of the remaining blood to the patient and deliver more oxygen. This could be the end of a session, but the advantage of this specific machine and process allows it to be repeated without a new IV. Each cycle of removal/replacement of blood is referred to as a “pass”. This allows for a very large dose of ozone to be delivered in one session, but also includes the advantage of oxygen to be dissolved (hyperbaric) in the blood for additional benefit.

People Have Found Oxygen/Ozone Helpful for:*

  • Chronic or Acute Infections (bacterial, fungal or viral)
  • Lyme Disease
  • Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster (shingles)
  • Mold and Yeast Infections
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Colitis/Crohns
  • Lupus/SLE
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Allergies
  • Asthma and COPD
  • Acne
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Low Immunity
  • Acute Hearing Loss
  • Macular Degeneration

*No legal claim is being made that oxygen/ozone therapy and/or any ozone product is able to cure the aforementioned treatments. Results may vary based on individual’s overall health, lifestyle, severity of the condition being treated and responses are not guaranteed. The information is solely for purposes of education, and may not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical care.

Is it FDA approved and is there Any Research/Support?

Ozone was published in the medical literature before the FDA’s existence and therefore was “grandfathered”. However, the FDA’s official position is ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application. There are various generators of differing quality. The generator should be certified by UL and/or ETL. Oxygen is highly flammable, so it is imperative that Ozone/Prolozone® treatments are to be administered by trained professionals. Its administration is the practice of medicine, which is not the purview of the FDA and is a component of one’s overall healthcare.

Some may be wary due to the FDA’s statement, but remember the number of “drugs” the FDA has had to recall due to harm.  The FDA has not performed a rigorous review of ozone.  However, there has been a world wide agreement published on the medical use of ozone the “Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy (2ndedition)”.  There have been many peer review medical journal articles and books published.  A Canadian company, Vasogen, produced significant research data and patents regarding ozone and UBI that has advanced our understanding.


Ultraviolet Irradiation of Blood: “The Cure That Time Forgot”?