New Jersey Regenerative Institute provides its patients with non-surgical autologous (your own) cells, adipose/fat and blood platelet treatments for common injuries, degenerative joint conditions, tendon/ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, and avascular necrosis. In the United States, there are no FDA approved “stem cell” procedures for orthopedic injuries. Regenerative cellular treatments (i.e. “stem cell therapy”) utilize a patient’s own cells to assist the body’s natural ability to heal damaged tissues, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. Regenerative cellular treatments offer a viable alternative for individuals who may be considering elective surgery or joint replacement due to injury or arthritis. We offer the most trusted and effective orthopedic cellular procedures available.

Autologous cells, adipose/fat and blood platelet-derived growth factors are in all of us and they are responsible for healing injured bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. As we get older or injured, we sometimes cannot get enough of these cells into the area to heal. These treatments help to solve this problem by using ultrasound and/or x-ray guidance to precisely place a high concentration of cells and/or platelets to the injuries, aiding your body’s ability to heal naturally. Patients experience very little down time and they typically avoid the long, painful rehabilitation periods that often follow surgery to restore joint strength and mobility.

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