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We at New Jersey Regenerative Institute conduct IRB certified research studies and are looking for volunteers with specific orthopedic conditions.  Study subjects will receive these various treatments at a significantly reduced rate.  Join us to improve your health and others. If you are interested in taking part in this study, please fill out this FORM or call 973-998-8309.  Please check this page to see what new studies are being conducted.  We thank you in advance for your participation.


Lipogems Meniscal Tear Study:

Do you have a meniscal tear of the knee and have been told you need surgery?  You may be a candidate for an IRB certified research study using Lipogems, an award winning technique that uses your own fat to treat orthopedic conditions.


Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Age 35 and Older.
  2. Symptoms consistent with torn meniscus.
  3. Pain that can be provoked by palpitation or compression of the joint line.
  4. Pain located in the medial or lateral joint line that has persisted for at least 3 months.
  5. MRI or arthroscopic evidence of meniscal tear and the tear is located in the area of painful palpation.
  6. Failed conservative treatment which has included: anti-inflammatory or other medications for pain; physical therapy; corticosteroid injections and/or hyaluronic acid injections.
  7. This would include patients who have been told by an orthopedic surgeon that they would be a candidate for arthroscopic meniscectomy.


Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Chronically locked knee.
  2. Prior surgery performed on affected knee.
  3. Assessment showing anything other than a tear of the medial or lateral meniscus requiring surgical intervention.
  4. Recent (within 6 weeks) treatment with PRP, cortisone oral or by injection, or hyaluronic injection.
  5. Any disease or condition the investigator feels would hinder treatment (cancer, infection, etc.).
  6. Any contraindications to lipoaspirate which includes: bleeding disorder, infection, pregnancy; allergy to anesthetic agents.
  7. Malignancy within the last 5 years.


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