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New Jersey Regenerative Institute has officially gained IRB approval for their Regenerative Outcomes Database from the Institutional Review Board at the Institute for Regenerative and Cellular Medicine based in Santa Monica, California.  Read More.


We at New Jersey Regenerative Institute also conduct IRB certified research studies and are looking for volunteers with specific orthopedic conditions.  Study subjects will receive these various treatments at a significantly reduced rate.



The doctors and staff of New Jersey Regenerative Institute are proud to be working with Kessler and the disabled populations who are in need of regenerative procedures for their quality of life and basic functional purposes.  If you would like more information or are interested in this research study, please call our office at 973-998-8309 or contact the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation at 973-731-3600.  Join us to improve your health and others. We thank you in advance for your participation.


Breaking News: Derfner Foundation funds novel research in regenerative medicine at Kessler Foundation to support a study of a new intervention for shoulder pain in wheelchair users under the leadership of Drs. Dyson-Hudson and Gerard Malanga.


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