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Prolozone stimulates healing of tendon and ligaments and in many cases it is a permanent treatment for chronic pain.  It is very similar to Prolotherapy except that it uses ozone, which can cause the joint to heal more quickly.  Oxygen/ Ozone treatments have been proven effective in helping individuals with arthritis, specifically Rheumatoid and Osteoarthrosis, to find relief from chronic pain. A solution can be injected directly into the arthritic joint in order to reduce the inflammation and to inactivate harmful pathogens.

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Prolozone reconstructs ligaments and in many cases it is a permanent treatment for chronic pain. It is very similar to Prolotherapy except that it uses ozone which actually causes the joint to heal more quickly.  Ligaments can be injured or made weak by injuries and may not heal back to how they were originally (as well as lose their tightness).  Blood supply to ligaments is limited which thereby makes healing to be a very slow and incomplete process.  This in turn causes a reduced range of motion which affects surrounding muscles that will lead to them becoming overworked and adding to more pain and dysfunction within the body.

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Prolozone is a similar injection technique to Prolotherapy which means it uses collagen producing substances mixed with ozone instead of dextrose and an anesthetic.  The ozone used is a naturally occurring gas and it cannot be bottled.  For Prolozone and Oxygen/Ozone therapy, ozone is made from medical grade oxygen and the OZON 2000, which is not commonly available, requires specialized training and is certified with the highest quality as well as reliability.  Prolozone is injected exactly like Prolotherapy - directly into the damaged or weakened ligaments in order to promote much needed circulation that is crucial for healing properly.


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