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LIPOGEMS'® Testimonials


Vinny's Torn Meniscus Testimonial for Lipogems on his Arthritic Left Knee Performed by Dr. Thomas Agesen


Martha's Torn Meniscus Testimonial for Lipogems Performed by Dr. Gerard Malanga


April 20, 2017

Area Treated: Both Shoulders


Last year I slipped on a small patch of ice and tore my right rotator cuff. The left one I had previously torn, but I am not exactly sure how I did it. While the pain was not usually too bad during the day, I couldn't do things like play basketball with my 15-year-old son or do any type of exercise that used my shoulders. Night time was horrible...l usually slept on my sides, but because of my injuries, I could barely sleep at all. No matter what position I tried to sleep in, I was in constant pain. I started drinking and taking sleeping pills at night just to get 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Not a good way to live.


When I heard about New Jersey Regenerative Medicine, the first person I spoke with was Amy Kaslander. She was absolutely wonderful. She explained what they did there and invited me to a free seminar that was led by Dr. Thomas Agesen.


Of course I was extremely skeptical, but I went and listened to what they had to say. With Rotator Cuff surgery, you are out of work for 6 weeks and then you lose mobility for 4 to 6 months. They will only operate on 1 shoulder at a time...that means losing 8 months to a year for recovery plus a lot of physical therapy.


When I spoke with Dr. Agesen, he told me that I would be out of work for two weeks only. After that I would have use of both my shoulders. Total recovery is 6 months. But as a chef, I would still be able to do my work within two weeks. He told me that my shoulders would heal by 80%.


I had my Lipogems procedure done on July 5, 2016. It was performed by Dr. Agesen and Dr. Dunn. Both doctors had a great bed side manner and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure took less then 3 hours for both shoulders. In retrospect, if you are highly active, I would probably allow 3 weeks for recovery....2 weeks was definitely not enough.


It is 9 months later. My shoulders are probably 99% better. I get a small jolt once in a while if I move a certain way. Other than that, I have full, 100% range of motion in both shoulders. I have 80% of my strength back. The two best parts...l am now sleeping at night with absolutely no pain whatsoever and more importantly, I can now play basketball with my son without any pain.


I highly recommend New Jersey Regenerative Institute.


I cannot thank Dr. Agesen, Dr. Dunn and of course Amy, enough.




Richard L.


March 31, 2017

Area Treated: Bone on Bone Knee


On January 27, 2017, I was scheduled for a knee replacement after I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that my knee was "bone on bone".  He told me not even a cortisone shot would give me relief.  At 62, I was finding it difficult to go up and down stairs without pain and I had stopped practicing yoga which I had been doing for the past five years.  I started researching online alternatives to knee replacement and with x-rays in hand, I met with Dr. Agesen at the New Jersey Regenerative Institute.  He looked at my x-rays and told me that I was a candidate for Lipogems.


It is now 8 weeks later and a visit with Dr. Agesen yesterday has put me on a path to a full recovery.  I feel I have 85% recovery and hopefully with another month of stem cell growth, I will be even better.  Going up and down stairs is no longer a problem.  I do feel some tenderness,but nothing like before this procedure.


The staff has been wonderful, answering any questions that I had…even when I called 4 weeks out and felt discouraged.  After 4 weeks, each day has shown improvement and I am looking forward to resuming my activities like bike riding and yoga.


I am so happy that I did not go down the surgery path, avoiding months of recuperation and possible complications.  I have already recommended Lipogems to a number of people who were also thinking that surgery was their only option.  I am happy that my body is healing itself with the help of Lipogems!


Diane B


January 18, 2017


Feeling BLESSED Week 4 following Lipogems procedure in my left knee, 3 tears in meniscus, bone on bone arthritis, 3 bakers cyst. Result after 4 weeks: Zero pain at night. EXCELLENT stability walking up/down stairs (I climb two flights to enter/exit my Condo.) No clicking, or fear of injuring. Walked 2 miles on the beach yesterday with no swelling or pain after. Dr. MALANGA YOU ROCK. THANK YOU.


Denise L.


July 29, 2016


Meeting Dr. Bowen and having the Lipogems procedure has been a miracle in my life.  I went from having unbearable stabbing pain in my knees from basic function like walking to running painlessly.  Highly recommended to all.  Every step of this process from A-Z has been pleasurable and professional!


Benny C.


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