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Drs. Gerard Malanga and Jay Bowen of New Jersey Regenerative Institute recently expanded their practice by collaborating with Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, a leading inpatient and outpatient therapy center based in West Orange, NJ.  In doing so, the doctors are making non-surgical regenerative treatments, such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Lipogems® (adipose/fat tissue), BMAC (Stem Cell) and Oxygen Ozone Therapy, available to disabled patients who are unable to undergo surgery due to spinal cord injuries, neurological/cardiac conditions and strokes.  On August 25, 2017, Drs. Malanga and Bowen performed their first regenerative procedure on a patient with a spinal cord injury who was suffering from a torn rotator cuff.  Due to the patient being wheelchair dependent and not able to undergo surgery because of health risks, Lipogems was performed which entailed a local anesthetic and the use of autologous (the patient’s own body) adipose tissue with an FDA-approved device specifically for breaking down fat cells for re-injection. Since there is no anesthesia involved and the fat tissue is taken directly from the patient’s body, the procedure is extremely low risk with no chance of the patient’s body rejecting it.   New Jersey Regenerative Institute’s physicians and staff are proud to be working with Kessler Institute and the disabled populations who are in need of regenerative treatments to regain basic functionality and improve their quality of life.


Drs. Malanga and Bowen with first patient from Kessler they performed Lipogems on.




November 21, 2017


Procedure: Lipogems


Good evening Dr. Malanga,


It is week four and the improvement in my knee is significant. The excruciating pain that I had is gone. I feel so much better. I am getting the stimulation at PT two times a week at Kessler W. Orange. I am quite sore but it is so well worth it. I cannot Thank You enough for helping me! I have informed so many people at Kessler about the stem cell procedure and have told them your name and how wonderful you are. I even had the opportunity to see Dr Kirshblum yesterday and thanked him also for contacting you. I am so excited to see how my progress will be in the upcoming months. I’m also hoping that the research for stem cell for spinal cord goes really well, quick and most importantly successful!


Thank you again for helping me,


Carol S.



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